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Here you will find the most popular page to date. Hopefully these will help you to better learn the law and do better in school. Before you get too excited with these outlines, please read and abide by the DISCLAIMER.

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Currently the outlines are divided up by the outliner's graduation class, and so far, since I am a 2002 class member, that is where the bulk of the outlines originate.

Remember this site will be updated often, so please check back and always feel free to submit your outlines--returning the favor!

Lastly, thanks to all the contributors! Their hard work shows and their generosity is greatly appreciated!

Administrative Law Allison Horn LaMar Jost    
Antitrust Paul Flick      
Business Organizations Allison Horn Chris Brown LaMar Jost  
Civil Procedure (tapes) Allison Horn LaMar Jost    
Civil Procedure I Allison Horn LaMar Jost    
Civil Procedure II LaMar Jost      
Constitutional Law I Allison Horn      
Constitutional Law II LaMar Jost      
Contracts I Allison Horn      
Contracts II Allison Horn LaMar Jost    
Contracts UCC Allison Horn      
Creditor's Rights Allison Horn      
Criminal Law Allison Horn      
Criminal Adjudication LaMar Jost      
Domestic Violence Allison Horn      
Employment Law Allison Horn Paul Flick Allison Horn (spreadsheet) Chris Brown
Environmental Law Anonymous      
Evidence LaMar Jost Chris Brown    
Family Law Alex Sitz      
Insurance Law Chris Brown      
Income Taxation Allison Horn I, II Traci Richardson I, II, III, IV Anon I, II (same person)  
Labor Law Kevin Ripplinger LaMar Jost    
Oil and Gas Law Kevin Ripplinger      
Professional Resp. Allison Horn Alex Sitz Kevin R. LaMar Jost
Property Law I Allison Horn      
Property Law II LaMar Jost Allison Horn    
Public Lands Anon (fall 2001)      
Real Estate Finance Anon      
Secured Transactions LaMar Jost Paul Flick Allison Horn Chris Brown
Securities LaMar Jost      
Torts I Allison Horn      
Torts II Allison Horn LaMar Jost    
Trusts and Estates LaMar Jost Allison Horn Chris Brown  
Water Law Chris Brown more coming!    


" A great many laws in a country,
like many physicians,
is a sign of malady."

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